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Join us for the 6th Annual Takleef Celebration

The Muslim Girl Scouts would like to invite girls of all ages to the 6th Annual Takleef Celebration on June 7th at 4-6pm. Females of any age who have recently embraced the Hijab are welcome to join us as we celebrate this journey of purity and modesty.

Families are also encouraged to attend as guests to celebrate this event and to watch a special play put together by our girls called "The Path."

Please note this is open to the public and not only girl scouts. Therefore, please spread the word and contact us for more information and for tickets.


Being a member of Muslim girl scouts is not only an honor, but a privilege. We must stay united, organized and present ourselves in a near perfect image.

In order to accomplish such picture we must follow certain rules. Here are the Scout Rules which must be followed by every single girl, aside from the basic core values, which we must know from previous years: 

    •  You MUST wear your full uniform every week, no excuses, keep it in the car and change during scouts if you must.

      • This includes a navy uniform for Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors, a beige under shirt with brown vest and pants.

      • NO EYELINER, NAIL-POLISH OR ANY MAKEUP, Allah created us each with their own unique beauty let us not distort that image. 

    • Please come on time and make sure your parents pick you up on time as well.
    • Please respect one another and especially when scout promise hand goes up make sure you stand quietly in line and follow directions. 
These are some basic rules that do not need to be repeated every week. Please make every effort to follow these rules and abide by what you have promised yourself, Allah and the scouts.